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who am i?

I am a freshman computer science student at the University of Maryland, College Park. Lately, I have focused on expanding my experience to different subject matters, from machine learning to law and from business to language learning. I have spent my summer learning Korean, researching entrepreneurship and startups, and practicing my coding skills in Python and HTML.

I have dreams to work at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center as a data scientist. My entire life, I have been interested in technology and astronomy. I would love to work within the intersection between the two disciplines. There is so much data collected by satellites every second. I would love to find new patterns in the data, discover new celestial bodies, and help expand mankind's knowledge of the cosmos.

Eventually, I would also like to start or join a startup. I am known for having an entrepreneurial spirit and an innovative mind. I always brainstorm new and never-thought-of-before solutions to problems. My curiosity always makes me wonder about how I can optimize everyday activities. While working in a startup would be an amazing and rewarding experience, I am working on building up my credentials first. I would like to gain more experience in technology and business before working in one. Because of this, I am currently practicing machine learning and web development/design. I am already well versed in WordPress. I am currently expanding my knowledge to include HTML and CSS. In fact, this very website you are looking at is handbuilt from HTML and CSS.